1. Health & Safety

Water treatment is a two-fold process of controlling and balancing the water as well as removing contamination. Both must align to provide pristine, clean and clear water conditions.

1. Water Treatment:

  • simplesilver™ automatically controls and balances the water by controlling the following:
    • pH, alkalinity, total dissolved solids, scale, corrosion and bacteria levels.

2. Filtration:

  • The filter pump circulates the water through filters removing:
    • Skin, perspiration, oils, lotions, hair, water salts, dust, dirt and any other foreign matter, helping simplesilver™ maintain the water quality, condition and clarity.

Do not use your hot tub if its cloudy, smelly or slippery.

  • Either of these issues is an indication that bacteria is present within the water and this could be detrimental to your health, skin and well-being.
  • See number 3 below in the troubleshooting section.

2. General Issues

  • Generally when the sides of the hot tub feel slippery this is due to a buildup of, skin, oils and perspiration, similar to when you have a bath.
  • Remove the filters and clean these using a cartridge filter cleaning solution as water alone can not remove these contaminates.
  • With clean filters in the hot tub, operate all pumps manually a few times to quickly remove any other contaminates within the water and with a cloth wipe the sides of the hot tub walls above the waterline.

  • Air has become entrapped in the bag that contains the simplesilver™ minerals.
  • Remove the back of the plastic container using a screwdriver or blunt knife. Remove the bag containing simplesilver™ and immerse in the hot tub water.
  • Gently squeeze the bag to dispel the air!! Reassemble the tablet while it is still under the water and place in your preferred location in the hot tub water.

3. My hot tub water is not crystal-clear

Unfortunately your hot tub water is not crystal clear or clean. Detailed below are two solutions to resolve these issues.

You have either;

  • Completed the "Getting Started - Step 1 to 3 - Decontamination Process"
  • Or, the hot tub water has been good, but now the water is a little murky, has an odour, a slight green tinge to it or you have other issues that are detailed in "Solution Two' below?
  • To understand what your hot tub water quality should look like when using simplesilver, refer to the introduction video. If your water doesn't look like this, then you need to refer to the solutions below to rectify the issue.
Water treatment is complex at the best of times and there are various issues that can cause the hot tub water to become a little cloudy, smelly or have a slight green tinge.

But First - Check the following!

  • In the majority of cases this is due to an insufficient flow of water over the simplesilver™ tablet! This is most commonly due to simple things such as the filter pump timer being incorrectly set. Are you confident the filter pump has been set to circulate 80-100,000 litres per day?
  • This flow rate is critical as it distributes the correct amount of simplesilver™ minerals to control and balance the hot tub water, if not, the water will not be in a pristine, crystal clear and clean condition - its that simple!! Check the section on "Controller Adjustments" for more information.

Other important checks

  • Is the filter pump controller set on automatic mode?
  • Is the sleep mode turned off?
  • Is the holiday mode turned off?
  • Is the power saving mode turned off?
  • Are all jet nozzles fully open and if you have one, is there a small amount of water circulating out of the fountain ?
  • Is the filter box flap opening fully and not restricting the water when the filter circulation pump operates?
  • As mentioned in the "Getting Started" section, if Bromine was used then the water needs to be drained prior to starting the "Getting Started - Step 1 - Decontamination Process".

Once you are confident that all of the above is set correctly, there are only two other reasons that will cause this rare situation.

My hot tub water is a little murky or grey?

1. Scale Issue

  • If you have a new hot tub there will be no scale buildup, please refer to number 2. "Bacteria Issue" below.

If you have an existing hot tub and have discounted the use of bromine and answered yes to all of the above in "Check Your Settings", then the next most likely cause is due to a heavy buildup of hardened scale (calcium carbonate) and other salts within your pipes, jets and system. This is similar to the scale you sometimes get in your kettle as the fundamental principles are the same.

  • Under normal circumstances simplesilver™ slowly softens any scale within the system, this is then detached by the water velocity and held transparently within the hot tub water, then removed by the filters.
  • When the system has an abundance of scale, the scale salts then come out of solution, congealing together turning the water grey and smelly. They are then removed by your filters and you cleaning these.
  • Depending on the volume of contamination, it will take time for each layer of scale to soften and detach and be removed by the filters.
  • Once all the scale is removed and the system is clean, simplesilver™ then coats the insides of the pipes and equipment to prevent any further buildup of scale.
  • Solution 1 below will speed this process up. By removing a third of the water and replenishing it with new, will dilute the level of scale concentration. However if you remove more than a third, you will also remove the simplesilver™ minerals and their effectiveness.
  • The addition of chlorine will then quickly remove any foreign bacteria or fungus, however it will not remove any other scale within the system, only simplesilver™ will do this.

Solution 1

  1. Purchase a small container of hot tub chlorine granules.
  2. Add half a cup of chlorine granules and put these into a bucket of water.
  3. Mix until dissolved.
  4. Pour the diluted chlorinated water into the hot tub.
  5. Operate all pumps manually as many times as possible.
  6. Do not use the hot tub for 1 day.
  7. On the 2nd day, drain a third of the hot tub water and refill with new. Draining more will remove the simplesilver™ minerals and its effectiveness!!
  8. Once the water is crystal-clear and odourless, you can start using the hot tub again!

My hot tub water is not crystal clear and has?

  • A green tinge?
  • These translucence things in the water that look like snowflakes?
  • What looks like shredded tissue paper floating around?
  • This yellow-pink slime all over the filter?
  • Or I have completed "Solution One" and its still not crystal clear?

2. Bacteria or Fungus Issue

On rare occasions your hot tub water may have algae or another form of bacteria propagated in high levels of concentration that simplesilver™ cannot remove. This could have originated while in transit from the manufacturer or retailer due to water left in the system, incorrect water treatment process, or it could have come from the environment such as the garden, soil or surrounding area and then began to propagate in the water.

To resolve these issues and eradicate the bacteria or fungus completely follow "Solution 2 - Shock Dose Process".

Solution 2 - Shock Dose Process

  1. Open all jets, nozzle’s and water features.
  2. Make sure that the hot tub is filled with water.
  3. Introduce 5 litres of liquid chlorine. This can be purchased for your local hardware or hot tub stores.
  4. Leave the simplesilver™ tablet and filters in the water.
  5. Run all pumps for one hour. You will need to manually press the ones that have auto off function twice over this period.
  6. Use the chlorinated water to remove any bacteria on the water line and clean around other areas that are out of the water.
  7. Clean the sides and underside of the cover as well as the folding seams using the chlorine or a bleach solution.
  8. Remove the headrest covers and clean with chlorine or a bleach solution.
  9. After doing the hour shock dose circulation and while the hot tub is still filled with water, remove the filters and clean inside the filter housing and filter bay.
  10. Reinstall these filters or replace with clean ones if needed.
  11. Drain all the hot tub water.
  12. Refill the hot tub up to just past the foot well, then drain again.
  13. Refill the hot tub to the normal water level.
  14. Remove the simplesilver™ tablet, take the back off of the plastic container by gently using a blunt knife or screw driver.
  15. Remove the simplesilver™ bag from the tablet.
  16. Put the bag in the hot tub water and gently massage the bag to break up any crystals that may have stuck together.
  17. While under water, gently squeeze the bag to expel any entrapped air which will make the tablet float. Then while still under the water, insert bag back into the plastic container, reattaching the back and place into your preferred location in the hot tub.
  18. Set the filtration timer on the controller. Go to the controller adjustments section and follow the instructions for your model controller.
  19. Ensure that you have the filter pump set on automatic mode, not sleep, holiday or power saving modes.
  20. Make sure all jet nozzles and water features are still fully open.
  21. Leave open the cover as the sun is a natural oxidizer and will destroy bacteria, then manually operate all the pumps a few times.
  22. If the simplesilver™ tablet is located in the filter bay, make sure that the water flap opens completely and that the tablet is not inhibiting this operation as it will restrict the volume of circulating water.
  23. Do not use the hot tub for 5 days. This is so that the simplesilver™tablet can distribute enough simplesilver™ minerals to effectively control your hot tubs new water.
  24. Do not use the hot tub if the water is not crystal clear. If there is foam, its not crystal clear or an odour, is an indication that bacteria is still present.

Important to note:

Water treatment is a twofold process and these must both align to provide pristine, clean and clear water.

  1. simplesilver™ automatically controls and maintains the pH, alkalinity, total dissolved solids and bacteria levels
  2. The filters remove skin, perspiration, water salts, hair, oils and any other solid matter, assisting simplesilver™ to maintain water cleanness, clarity and quality.
  • It is very important that the filters are cleaned every two weeks. A cartridge cleaner sanitising solution must be used to remove the contaminates, as water alone cannot remove these. Your hot tub retailer will be able to assist you in product selection.
  • Filters have a finite life of between 12–18 months, after which they will saturate and will no longer be effective. If you haven’t already done so, purchasing a second set of filters will make your life easier!!

  • This would suggest that the hot tub water is saturated with skin contaminates.
  • Draining the water and cleaning the filters will not resolve this issue quickly due to the level of saturation and this process would need to be completed many times.
  • To make the cleaning process quick and simple, we suggest completing our "Solution 2 - Shock Dose Process".

  • This suggests that there is an excessive amount of water flowing during the filter pump cycle and this can have an adverse effect on your hot tub water. Too much water flow causes other issues with the clarity and balance of the water.
  • Check that you have set your filter pump controller to the correct daily time period for your pumps flow rate. Please see the section on "Controller Adjustments".

  1. If you have what looks like shredded tissue paper floating in the water, it would indicate the presence of white tissue mold, a fungus within the water. It is not harmful to humans, but is unsightly and can clog equipment.
  2. Or should you have a yellow-pink slime in the filter, this is a naturally occurring bacteria that you sometimes get in the bathroom and is not a form of algae. It is animal not vegetable and these airborne bacteria can come from any number of naturally occurring sources.
  • Both these issues may have arisen from a previous lack of water treatment or preventative maintenance, the garden hose or your garden surroundings.
  • To eradicate this and make the cleaning process quick and simple, we suggest completing our "Solution 2 - Shock Dose Process".
  • Best practice is to always run the garden hose for a minute prior to topping up the water level as this can be one source of the fungus. Also preventative maintenance is very important, make sure you regularly clean around the areas that the simplesilver™ water cant treat, like under the headrests, cover, side seams or exposed areas.

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